Bus facilities


School Bus service is always safe, convenient and the best transportation for students.


1. The bus will halt only at the stops, allotted to a particular bus route by the authorities and no changes in stops will be considered once fixed by the school.

2. Students not in time for the bus, will have to make their own arrangements, on that day to come to school. The same holds good in case of breakdown.

3. In case students from Std. 1st to 10th do not report themselves at home in time, School or Bus authorities will not be responsible for the same, we will be responsible only for the Students during their journey in the bus.

4. Students should take care of their belongings, such as school bag, water bottle, rain coats, umbrella and Sweater, as the bus authorities will not be responsible for the loss or damage.

5. None of the parents will be allowed to travel by the School Bus, it is strictly for the School students in uniforms.

6. The bus service must be hired for the full academic year i.e June to May. No Cancellations will be allowed under any circumstances during the academic year.

7. Bus fees have to be paid in advance by the 15th of every month.

8. The Bus fee is subject to increase only, if there is a hike in taxes, price of spare & Hardwares, Diesel, Contractor charges, Maintenance charges and Staff salaries.

9. Parents are requested not to hand over Fee or fee cards to Drivers or conductors, if they do so authorities will not be responsible for the same.

10. The monthly fee dues not paid before the 15th of a month can be paid only next month before the due date with a late fee of Rs. 10/-.

11. Students will not be allowed to enter or avail bus facility without proper Bus Identity Card.

12. The Students availing bus facilty should intimate or take prior permission from school if they have to go walking. The School Authorities will not be responsible for bus students going walking without prior intimation or permission.

13. Students will be responsible for any damage to window glass panes, seats, etc. of the bus done by them and the damages will be recovered from the parents of the concerened students.