Examinations & Promotions

1)The periodic Progress Reports as well as Final Examination Report will be withheld, pending payment of fees to the School, unless condonation has been obtained well in advance.

2) The decision of the Principal with regard to promotion after the Annual Examination will be final and will not ordinarily be reconsidered.

3) Similarly the decision of the Principal with regard of the fees, assessment of marks, etc. will also be final.

4) Infringement of the Examination by any pupil will make the pupil liable to punishment.

5) A pupil who uses unfair means during Test / Examination will be given zero in that subject and debarred from the Exam. Repetition of unfair means will make the pupil liable for dismissal.

6) The benefit of condonation of marks will be given only at the end of the year while deciding the students promotion from one standard to another.

7) Gujarati and Hindi are compulsory subjects even for the purpose of promotion from Std. III to Std IX.

8) A student failing to appear for an examination / test will not be re-examined on any account. Results will be declared on the student's performance during the year.

9) Absence from Exam in any subject excludes a student from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the Examination as no marks will be given for the subject in which the student was absent.

10) The performance of a pupil is judged on the progress of the student during the whole year and not only on any single Examination.

11) Absence from one or more subject involves the loss of marks from this subject and excludes the pupil from a card or prize, and from being reckoned in the order of merit or rank in the examionation

12) A pupil who fails consecutively twice in the same standard will have to leave the school.