Science Lab

Rules & Regulations:

1) Do not enter the lab without the assistant or subject teacher.

2) Do not enter the chemistry lab without the lab coat.

3) No running or pushing.

4) Keep work areas tidy and uncluttered.

5) Never have food or drink in the laboratory. Do not taste or lick chemicals from the laboratory glassware. Do not drink water from laboratory taps.

6) Wash your hands after using chemicals or biological materials.

7) Tell your teacher if you cut or burn yourself.

8) If you spill any chemicals or break some glassware, report it to your teacher immediately.

9) Put broken glass into the dustbin provided.

10) Always place the equipment at the correct place.

11) Wear safety glasses when directed to, by your teacher. The frames can be cleaned before use.

12) When heating or mixing substances, never look inside the flask, test tube or beaker. Do not point these experiments at anyone.

13) Do not open cupboards or examine specimens or experiments left in the laboratory unless given permission by your teacher.

14) The Department of Education and Training requires all students to wear leather lace-up shoes for the protection of feet from chemical skills and falling objects when experiments are being carried out.

15) Be careful using a Bunsen burner especially when you are wearing flammable clothing.

16) Be aware of the evacuation procedure of the laboratory.

17) Follow the instructions of the teacher strictly.